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The Curtis Collection - Edward S Curtis


Welcome to the new Curtis Collection site. The Curtis Collection consists of the historic copper photogravure plates of Edward S. Curtis that were made to print his life work, The North American Indian.

We will also be adding Curtis Collection Movies to our site, explaining further the value and history of these plates. Don't miss them!

We continue to redesign the site to make searching for the massive amount of both imagery and factual data, most directly from The North American Indian, easier to find and also allows for a visitor to find what they want to see much more quickly.

The site is divided into searches for imagery or written information.

If you want to search our database for images, you may do so by tribe only, by subject only, or by a combination, first searching tribe, than selecting a subject from the specific pull down menu below relating to that tribe. If you want to search only by subject, select all tribes and a subject below. If you want to search by tribe only, that is the default selection, so click on a tribe and all of the imagery will be displayed for you. To start a new search, click the new search button and the search tools will be reset for your new query. The imagery is quite improved. Click on the thumbnails to see a much larger and more detailed image

If you want to search for information, there are 4 different search tools, each will have a separate pull-down menu:
  1. Tribal summaries, containing basic information about the tribes that Curtis visited, studied, and photographed
  2. Curtis biographies, taken from The North American Indian of a select few Native Americans, whom Curtis decided were important enough to tell their story, specifically outside of the main text
  3. A pre-selected keyword search that will take you to the place in the site that contains the keyword (and may require some scrolling on that specific page to find the highlighted term)
  4. A group of articles, taken both from "The North American Indian" or prepared by The Curtis Collection. We will be adding to all of this information in the future.

There are some direct links on the home page for contacting us, a history of The Curtis Collection, help, and a direct link to understand the gravure printing process for which the plates were created.

We hope to continue to be the place where all of your Curtis information is gathered. Please give us feedback for our site and what you may want included and we'll do our best to comply.